1 Year Forward

So this time last year I was getting ready to get on a silver bird and take to the sky’s. A lot has happened in the last year and a lot is going to happen over the next.

1 year ago I was all hooked up and flying off around the world. It’s still to this day the best thing I have ever done and I will never regret it, in fact I can’t wait to get travelling again. The 3.5 months of travelling really opened my eyes to some of the amazing beauty around the world, NZ especially.

So on my return finding a job wasn’t all that easy and eventually I found one down in Poole working in a similar role to what I had been. Well that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and the move away from family and friends was a lot harder than what I thought it would be. With this came the end of the 8 months of rapport. So this with everything else was a real downtime, thankfully have some awesome friends to help me get back up on my feet.

So time to get pushing again and moving forward. So the feelers were put out to try to find a new job, outside. With this I had to start focusing on the Bournemouth Marathon, a guy that is no runner to take on a Marathon, #Dedication #Focus and #Motivation is what got me through it. Before that a trip out to Switzerland to Kandersteg International Scout Centre, amazing place and look forward to going back.

To anyone who has ever thought of going travelling then stop thinking and start doing, go you will not regret it I promise.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Me I want to read the whole trilogy, twice!

So where from here? well tomorrow is my last day at work before a couple of weeks off and then I’m on to the outdoors life! more info soon, but the future is bright the future is full of ADVENTURE 🙂