2 Weeks 2 Go!

So 2 Weeks 2 go before its marathon time on the 6th October 10am and this shit just got real! I am currently running half marathon distance in an evening and managing this ok. My concern now is can I double this on the day? I have seen the route and run alot of it so I know what i’m up against. My biggest issue currently has been hydrating while running these long distances.

Yesterday I got SIS Go Gel and tried one out while on a bike ride, there good, have to say got a big boost from them. I’m looking forward to trying one out while actually running on Tuesday evening. I will then take a couple with me when going for one of my bigger runs on Thursday night, hopefully pushing the half marathon boundary I currently have and breaking it with the help of my new fuelling. If this works then I have a sound race plan.

I’m now in full race prep mode, no cheeky beers for the next 2 weeks! got good food in the flat so I should be fuelled up with 100% goodness inside to maximise my potential. Come the day head down get in the Zone and get the job done! I will be starting the marathon I will be completing the marathon as that is the only goal, to finish!

If your bored on the 6th and fancy coming along and cheering me on I would be really grateful 😀 as any support is gratefully received.

I came across a great quote yesterday

If you want to run a marathon, understand that the only person you are competing against is yourself and when you finish, you are a winner

marathon route