A Brave New World…

So not posted since travelling and a lot has changed since then.537733_10151466539434916_1424061651_n

1. No longer living at home, this has been a big experience and at times wandering what the hell am I doing, I’m finally settled and ready to get on with things.

2. No longer enjoying IT in the same manor that I used to, so time for change!

3. Going to work outdoors, should have done it years ago but now is that time for change, time to make it happen.

4. Missing travelling the experience of new and exciting places and cultures, meeting like minded people. Need to travel more!

5. Back on single street, not my desire but means I have a focus to achieve point’s 3 & 4.

Finally where to take my blog?

Well for a start this is some of the goals over the next year that ill be blogging about…

… 6th October, Bournemouth Marathon

… Kilimajaro 2014 ? Would love to do this with my little sis depending on funds.

… JOGLE 2014? This needs doing but not to be focused on till after the marathon.

And if the weather stays nice then the Morris 8 will make a blog or two.