A right Royal scorcher

Well it’s the early one today. Got to security for 7am and then got given a Swedish minibus to drive out to the gates and drop people off. Am loving the chance to drive foreign vehicles. Well spent all morning in south gate the busiest gate to site, a bit like heathrow with around 8 coaches every minute on average. Well it was urning into a scorcher of a day I have no idea the top temp but it was very hot and clear. Well we got it all running smoothly and then had 2 escort cars turn up and say that a VIP was turning up soon. Well it turned out to be the King and Queen of Sweden. most interesting was the fact the king was driving the BMW himself. He did have two blacked out escort cars arrive with him to the site and there are plenty of police around. I had a good hat with one of the police bike officers and he showed me his badge and license. We then went for lunch which was very nice and were then back on south gate for around another 1 hour before I finally finished shift late at 3:45 having run the last 20 mins on my own. So after shift was a little nackered but got back to the tent and met Ali before we went to see PJ serving ice cream and had one before going to see Gloucestershire unit to help celebrate Ben Collins birthday. I then went to the trailer and got the guitar and had a jam at glos 🙂 had a BBQ dinner there as well and then cake before coming to see PJ as he finished shift.