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New Year, New Video!

Hey guys this is the latest video!

AIC Video 2

Its been a while since a Video. I’ve loads of footage but just not enough time to edit but hope to get some up over the xmas period.

Land & Wave Training

So if you haven’t guessed from Facebook yet I have started my new life as an outdoors instructor. So….. Kit – Check Instructors – Check Other Nutter’s – Check GoPro -Check  results in something similar to the following

Half the game plan, half the effort Right?

So the day after Bournemouth Marathon I enter for Stroud Half Marathon. Only 13.1Miles so a walk in the park really? Well my split time on the marathon was 2:16 so being easier surly I could run that quicker? I had a bit of a crazy idea that I put to my coach of going

Bournemouth Marathon, Done!

That’s all folks! Run Nutt Boy ran and Won! Yes I won as my aim was to complete the course which I did and I’m happy that its done 🙂 The only person you’re competing against is yourself My Race Stat’s Race Number: 6605 Full Time: 05:05:46 Split 1 [Half]: 02:16:10 Overall Finish Position: 1691 of 3001 So

The Final Countdown, Game Time Baby!

So in about 15 hrs I’m going to be starting the first ever marathon of my life. 26 miles between me and the finish, not going to be easy but I have to do it. Just had my Mum, Sister and Niece turn up, really hope they don’t keep me up, but its great to

#10 must visit places in the World

# Top of Rock, NYC The only place to get the best view of the Empire State building. At 70 floors up this unrestricted view out over the city is the best in the city. Along with the ability to stay up there as long as you like when not busy means you can have

Back to the UK – Kandersteg

Hey back on UK soil and yeh just like last time I hate coming home as you know its the end of another awesome adventure. Kandersteg is truly a beautiful place to visit. The week was intense and I loved every minute of it. Sunday involved a walk to the village and learning about the

Yodelay Hee Hoo, Kandersteg!

So where are you going this bank holiday weekend? Id love to say Frocester Beer festival but sadly I’m busy…. I’m of to Kandersteg 😀 I have heard so much about this place from so many people that I really can’t wait to find out what all the fuss is about. So I have a week

Hammock Review

It’s time I spoke about my lush hammock, I have been fortunate to spend a couple of nights out in it this summer and everytime I do I love it. So what’s so special about my hammock I hear you ask? Well that’s just it nothing really! Its a cheap end of the range hammock

Essex International Jamboree 2012

EIJ2012 is now over and just as previous ones it was a fantastic week that is well organised by very dedicated teams of staff, thank you to them all. This year involved myself and Ali Andrews taking 6 of our Explorers, all whom had a fantastic time there [or we think they did]. We decided to do it

MSR Whisperlite 2012 and other stoves – Review

So finally I decided it was time to invested in my own camping stove. Having looked around at a number of different stoves and having used an MSR Dragonfly then it was going to be tuff to find something that would be up to that same standard. I looked at the following stoves and nope

3 Peaks Personal Review and Thoughts

Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon, 3 Peaks Done! So what did I learn? Weather is a key player in how good the experience is. Plan for road conditions Walking at night? Sleep? Food intake. What’s next? So Our Stats for the 3 Peaks were: Ben Nevis – 5hrs, 14km, 1326m gain, started 2am finished 7am. Scafell

3 Guys, 3 Peaks, 1 Lucky Tammy

So Im sat in the back of the Tam car on way to Scotland. Finally on our way to do the 3 peaks 😀 Our awesome and quite nutty driver: Tammy Bell Runners: Lewis Dangermouse, G I ‘PJ’ Jones and Me! So our preparation for this…… ummm not a lot if were honest. The National Three Peaks

RYLA, RYLA [Rotary Youth Leadership Award]

Firstly I have to say, “Thank you” to all the friends I have made from the course, also to “positive” Jack and his team and a special thanks to Justin and Pa our instructors for the week. So prior to the week what did I expect? Well I chatted with a couple of friends who