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There Last Climb, The Call of Everest.

Everest, we all know about her and we know people die there, chasing the Top of the World. Be it personal reasons and goals, raising for charity or to break a new record many have tried and succeeded. Many however have also paid with their lifes. I came across the following interesting image. One Day I hope

Nom Nom Nom – If you want to be Mosquito dinner…

Being a personal dis-liker of the little buggers I found this article interesting. I’m a big fan of DEET as it helps to keep them at bay. Some people are real mosquito magnets id say in in the middle and normally get my fair share of bites. Why do some people seem to attract bloodthirsty mosquitoes from all

BMC – Wearing Climbing Helmets: Yes or No?

Very interesting video by the BMC on climbing helmets, worth the 8 mins to watch and will make you think! Looks at the different types of helmet and covers a chat with top climber Neil Bentley on why he chose to wear a lid on the first ascent of Equilibrium, the UK’s first E10 [fair play] – he also talks