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Land & Wave Training

So if you haven’t guessed from Facebook yet I have started my new life as an outdoors instructor. So….. Kit – Check Instructors – Check Other Nutter’s – Check GoPro -Check  results in something similar to the following

1 Year Forward

So this time last year I was getting ready to get on a silver bird and take to the sky’s. A lot has happened in the last year and a lot is going to happen over the next. 1 year ago I was all hooked up and flying off around the world. It’s still to

A Brave New World…

So not posted since travelling and a lot has changed since then. 1. No longer living at home, this has been a big experience and at times wandering what the hell am I doing, I’m finally settled and ready to get on with things. 2. No longer enjoying IT in the same manor that I

Final Week, What a week…

So my final week in the UK, soon it will be Monday and ill be flying off to see Chris. I have finally booked up OZ and also sorted insurance. I’ll be honest I’m pretty nervous now, always happens before I travel, but I know its guna be awesome. Maybe its all the people that keep giving

Google Olympics Part Deux

Oh Google another day another doodle and this time basketball and this is just as addictive i’ve managed 39 🙁 but still a colleague scored 45!

Google Olympics

Ok this is massively addictive thanks Google 😀 I managed to get a score of 10.4 🙂 and for you none believes u can see its mine as it has the start of my email top right as I’m signed into Google,  still not a Bolt though is it.    

Decline in Map Skills, a Worrying thing?

Having just read the article from the Telegraph [full link at the bottom], that I saw linked on FB, I decided to share it here and add my views on it. Most of the comments in the article discuss that the sale of OS maps are in decline and that map skill are also in decline.

For all the Valentine Card’s I’m due

Found this great article on mashable, If you have a geek in your life that you want to make smile this Singles Awareness Day try one of the suggestions from I think my personal favourite however is

One does not simple walk in to Mordor

So After a successful Cotswold Marathon it was time to up my game but Google wasn’t so keen on the idea, what a shame.