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Travel Kit

So 13.8kg was the weight of my bag at checkin. So what does 13.8kg get you for 3.5 months? Well in my case: – 8 pairs boxers – 6 pairs socks – 2 shorts – 3 trousers – 2 jumpers – 5 t-shirts – 2 shirts – sandals – boots – trail shoes – wash

Final Week, What a week…

So my final week in the UK, soon it will be Monday and ill be flying off to see Chris. I have finally booked up OZ and also sorted insurance. I’ll be honest I’m pretty nervous now, always happens before I travel, but I know its guna be awesome. Maybe its all the people that keep giving

Take 3 – RTW Update

So Whats happening with this around the world? …… Well making an itinerary is a little more difficult that I thought, especially when company’s monopolies places like Ayers Rock to price it to totally unreasonable levels. Camping being around £23 a night!!!!! that without electric. For £23 a night id expect a personal tent-guard stood

Phase II – Around The World

So today 30th August its my last day of offical work 😀 scary! I now have just over 1 month until I fly out of here on 15th October. The ticket is booked and its all go! I still have a lot to sort but its slowly coming together and over the coming weeks I should

Step One – Around the World

STEP 1 So its actually going to happen as last Monday I handed in my notice and am due to finish on 31st August. This was probably the biggest step to making this all happen 😀 There is no turning back now and with that comes the excitement. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we