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Google Olympics Part Deux

Oh Google another day another doodle and this time basketball and this is just as addictive i’ve managed 39 🙁 but still a colleague scored 45!

Google Olympics

Ok this is massively addictive thanks Google 😀 I managed to get a score of 10.4 🙂 and for you none believes u can see its mine as it has the start of my email top right as I’m signed into Google,  still not a Bolt though is it.    

Raspberry Pi / Lego Time

The Pi to Eat beat all Pi’s. Well if you haven’t heard about the Raspberry Pi Project that’s grown out of Cambridge then get over to These guys have created the cheapest computer I have ever bought. I’m not going to explain to much on the Pi as you probably already know about it

CSS child elements getting transparent from parents

The Problem If we want an element to have a semi-transparent background, and let whatever is behind it shine through, we have two options: Using CSS and opacity [which has been my preferred method up to now] Creating a 24-bit PNG background image The problem with using opacity in CSS, besides the annoying syntax to cater to all

Gloucestershire Network

Gloucestershire Network have been through many sites over the last 5 years and finally are getting close to having something that is easy to use, friendly and on their brand. They started life on Modx system when I was their webmaster, a great solution and easy for me to use and manage if a bit

Time to Update and Complex

Something I have been meaning to do for a while is update some of my weaker passwords the following solution form Sophos is a cracking [or hopefully not]  idea. I also would highly recommend Keepass as a very easy and good piece of software.