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This was jamboree, thanks :)

So were now after a long drive back in Bristol. This is not the end it’s now the beginning of the start of unpacking and remembering all the fun I had on jamboree. Then also planning Japan in 4 years time… How will we get there? Suggestions welcome! Will post photos online soon!

Aye aye captain

So we got to bed at 3am after playing pool with the Spanish we were with before we all went to bed. We were then up at 7am and it was tuff to get up but a good shower and then we were on the road for Dunkirk. We got to the port and customs

Going the distance

So we spend dinner while watching going the distance which was quite funny three guys watching a chick flick. So we were up at around 8 as the ecuador lot were up having breakfast in the next room, quite and noisy and messy lot. So after beer for breakfast for me and Benk we headed

Beer beer, beach

So landed on our feet in getting to stay at this scout centre. There happens to also be here a contingent of Brazilian scouts here who were also at the jamboree. We decided to visit the beach and had lunch and I had a Hawaii toasti which along with the beer was very nice this

Keep on moving

So we rocked up to Lubeck, Germany and looked for a hotel and ended up with a 360 view from the vauxhall suite aka the car. So up early the next morning and on the road for Hamburg, we then got to Hamburg and tried the tourist information which was limited help and then went

Rock the night!

So we spend the day sorting out bits and bobs and then in the evening we had the closing ceremony. It poured it down and we got soaked but what a show. We had to start a local national famous Swedish singer, she was awesome and then we ha Kate Ryan and she was also

Time flys and swaps away

So up just in time for breakfast and then we chilled out for a bit tried to teach PJ some guitar tunes. We went to the primitive scouting to learn about how to maintain the knifes. After this went to Avon and spent couple of hours there playing guitar and drinking tea, I also managed

Your not on the list

So had dinner and then things were going a bit mental at gate 1 so I offered to go down and help. So not enter to anyone during the main arena event except stage crew and VIP. So we had a securtas van try to run through which I slapped the side of and he

Nom nom nom

Up nice and later but just in time for breakfast. nice porridge today and then after this headed via Avon for the world centre. I had a good look around before going to Gloucestershire unit to have some food as it’s culture day here. I also got my face painted 🙂 then headed for work.

Hard day at Jamboree

Well after breakfast we looked at the hammocks in the trees sadly they were all in use and so we went back to the tent and Ali and I setup bed in the tent with all doors open. Woke up at around 12pm and then went to lunch which was lush. Ali and I then

Morning Jamboree

Well night shift has it’s awesome views


It’s a slow shift tonight so were tried to get some sleep which kinda work but it’s so cold tonight thank god for my down sleeping bag and so scouting initiative managed an hour or so sleep

Guna be a hot one!

So the lads got me up early this morning mainly because it was to hot in the tent at 7:45, personally I was very happy napping but oh well up and onwards. So we went and lined up to get sauna tokens for 12:00 and then headed for breakfast. We chatted with simon for a

View from the top

So found this pic online which was taken by local plane

A right Royal scorcher

Well it’s the early one today. Got to security for 7am and then got given a Swedish minibus to drive out to the gates and drop people off. Am loving the chance to drive foreign vehicles. Well spent all morning in south gate the busiest gate to site, a bit like heathrow with around 8