Dedicated to miss the match

Saturday, brought with it a relaxing morning in town with a little research online along with a lovely cuppa tea. In the afternoon I took a wander of around 8km around the walkways around the edge of the lake. Its a very lovely walk encompassing sulfur bay. This walk finished just south of the Polynesia Spa. Returning to the YHA I grabbed my ‘togs’ [swim gear] and headed  back to the spa.

It was $25 to enter to the adult pool over the $18 for the general pool. I went in changed and entered the main hot pool. At this point I realise it was full of Korean’s and then it hit me the whole of Rotorua was full of Korean’s! The agrodome, rainbow springs and spa had all been full of Korean’s, I haven’t a problem but the chat very loudly and this did spoil the experience a little. When I return in a couple of weeks I think I will pay a little more for the private spa option. Despite this I still had an excellent time chilling out and admiring the view out over the lake.

After dropping my tog at the YHA I headed of to the local Pizza hut. Here I got a $4.90 pizza and headed to the park over looking the lake and had my pizza with a cider. It was a lovely evening and after dinner I return to the YHA to bed around 9.30pm as was going to get up at 3am to watch the NZ Vs England Rugby game. I was up at 3am and found out that nowhere in Rotorua was showing the game 🙁 and I thought NZ was a rugby made country, clearly not in Rotorua! Back to bed. Sunday I got up around 9am as had to be out by 10am. I headed into town and sat on the wifi for 30mins before I headed to the bus stop to get my 11:10 bus to Napier.

At Napier I met Julie and Graeme Collins. Thankfully He had the Match on Sky so when we arrived beer was opened and the match put on and I thought I was watching New Zealand play themselves! Fair play England can you play like that in future please.