Fast [Cable] Cars in a cool windy city

Saturday, our first day in San Francisco and we had a lazy lie in in the morning, this was because we had a late night.
When we eventually were we headed to pier 39 on the way to pier 39 we discovered Ben & Jerry’s stall. I had a sweet cream and cookie ice cream from the stall. We went down the pier next to Pier 39 as this was full with other people looking at the seals. This pier still had a good view of the seals although it was not crowded with other people. We spent a long time looking at the seals as this is something that Amanda loves. There were many seals playing around on the Jetties and floating platforms. They were very noisy but seem to be having a very enjoyable time and so were all of the people watching them.
From Pier 39 we headed to Walgreens and purchased a muni pass at the cost of $28 each. This allows us unlimited travel on the buses and any of the muni at work which includes the trams and also the cable cars. With this we took the F line all the way down to the end of the peirs where the ferry building is. From here we had a quick look around the area before continuing on the F line down market Street. We stopped just before union square area, this whole area is very touristy and full of shops. We popped into the Apple Store and then continued on our way to find the cable car that took us back to Fishermans wharf. It took some time but we eventually found the cable car that runs on the powell and hyde line. When we got back to Fishermans wharf area we went to the Safeway near to our hotel. After we had picked up some supplies we dropped them off in the hotel before going downstairs for pizza and beer as we had a 10% off.

Sunday, today we were up late but we headed for Lombard Street. We decided on route that we would take different directions and Amanda took one route while I took another. It ended up with myself at the bottom of Lombard Street and Amanda at the top of Lombard Street. After we had taken photos we made our way to the top of Lombard Street where we could catch the cable car into the centre of San Francisco. When we arrived we jumped off just before the end of the line at union Square. From here we had a quick look around union Square where there was a man playing the bagpipes. We found out that in the centre of union Square that was an ice rink for $15 for 1 1.5 hours. We decided we may go back later and in the meantime I was persuaded to go round Tiffany & Co. We continued around the local area going into many of the shops including the Nike store Marmot store and also the Icebreaker store. In the Icebreaker shop I purchased a new hat as I lost mine in New Zealand bit of a bummer but oh well I have a new hat that is very nice and warm. From here we went into a huge mall were we wander around and eventually went to auntie Amy’s pretzel store, we both had cinnamon sugar pretzels. They were really good! From here we wandered through union Square again and continued on to Chinatown. Chinatown was an interesting place as expected it was full of many small shops selling everything you can think of. We wondered three before returning and picking up the cable car all the way back. Here we went into an Irish bar and had a couple of beers while watching the golden globes. After this we headed to Denny’s for dinner and then continued onto our hotel for bed.