Guna be a hot one!

So the lads got me up early this morning mainly because it was to hot in the tent at 7:45, personally I was very happy napping but oh well up and onwards. So we went and lined up to get sauna tokens for 12:00 and then headed for breakfast. We chatted with simon for a while before we headed to the primitive scouting area. Were just waiting for it to open but its defiantly going to be a scorcher today again. So I then made a spoon and it’s not to bad. After this we headed over for a sauna and it was very hot in here today, we spent some time chatting with some French while in there. After the sauna Ali had work and PJ and I went for lunch with Charlie, this turn out to be a walk around the food house before deciding that the queues where to long and that PJ and I would go to Kristianstad. We took the car as it’s quicker and less hassle than the bus. We parked up outside what I think was the town hall. We had a wander around the town and had lunch which was a nice tuna melt. We continued walking around and visited a camping shop before getting an ice cream, after which I got a new mora knife from the camping shop.

We then headed back to site and I had a phone call with Vicky and the folks. After which I had a nap before work at 11pm now I’m on a break (2:30).