Hammock Review

It’s time I spoke about my lush hammock, I have been fortunate to spend a couple of nights out in it this summer and everytime I do I love it.

So what’s so special about my hammock I hear you ask? Well that’s just it nothing really! Its a cheap end of the range hammock which I have owned since 2009. It cost’s £40 [£32 with discount] from Cotswold Outdoors im sure its available from other retailers as well.

It’s made by the guys over at Lifeventure who have a habit of making some great kit for very reasonable prices.

What I enjoy about my hammock over others is not only the cost of it, but the fact it packs up into it’s own small bag which can’t be lost as its sewn into the hammock. Its lightweight at a mere 315g and takes only about 1 minute to put up.

Its not designed for the extremes and has no fly/mozzynet over it, its a small summer hammock, perfect for the weather we have been having. It will hold a Thermorest within it perfectly meaning its great to sleep out in without risk of getting cold from compression again the hammock. As its a summer hammock I have a couple of times sleep inside my Alpkit bivvi bag inside the hammock which means you get the comfort of the hammock with the security that if it does rain overnight then your not going to get your nice down sleeping bag wet.

Edit: forgot to say my setup includes 2 climbing slings for a quick and adjustable setup! only about £3 each.

The pictures above are from last weekend on Brownsea Island. Its one of my favourite places and great for hammocking so get one and get over there.

So whats the alternative? Well one alternative I keep considering is the Hennessey hammock. A great friend of mine has one and its a very good piece of kit, the draw backs are cost at around £150 and the weight and size is more than the Lifeventure, but this hammock is more in the league of  a ultralight tents than a summer play hammock. I think I will get one in the future. Another similar company worth considering is D D hammocks.

Still if have never hammocked before then get out there give it a go and with the Lifeventure its not expensive or hard to do.

For more on the hammock go to Lifeventure Website or to Cotswold Outdoors to buy it now, don’t forget you Scout Leader discount.