Last day San Fran

Thursday, our last day in San Fran. We weren’t up that early but also didn’t waste the day. The main plan was to get back to the Golden Gate Bridge to walk over it. Amanda headed of to the post office to see if she could post the spray paint she had got the other day home, I sorted some of my blog in the hotel. She returned having not sorted it so we decided to head into town to get it posted. We caught the F line down the piers and jumped of at the railway museum where I collected a calendar for my granddad before we continued on to the centre to go to the USPS. Here we had a lot of messing around trying to get the picture in the cardboard made parcel which had to be under certain size to keep the cost drastically down. We eventually managed this.

From here we went back to Annies and I got a pretzel. Then on to outdoors shops to see if we could find Amanda some new shoes. We weren’t successful. It was headed for 15:00 so time to try to get to the golden gate bridge. Back via the cable cars and then 2 buses on to the Golden Gate Bridge and we were sorted, there in time for sunset just.

We walked across the bridge 1.3 miles each way. Where on the other side we spent around 30 mins taking pictures before heading back.

For dinner we headed back on the cable car to union square, making the most of our $28 MUNI passes, here we found a diner called loris diner which served great food for a pretty good price.

Catching the cable car back to our hotel and that’s it for San Fran, one day ill be back its a great place.