Mud, Sweat and Tears – Bear Grylls

Mud, Sweat and Tears are not required to read through this book, very enjoyable and easy to read. Every page is full of interesting information about and story’s about Bear. Its broken down into Parts and then the chapters are also very short this making it great to pick up and if you can put it down.

Growing up from an early age on the Isle of Wight, this is where he learnt to sail and climb and get in to many troublesome situations.

It’s very nice to understand that he really is a normal person who just has the greatest mindset ever, the ability to keep pushing when you have nothing left to give.

This is truly evident as who would try for SAS section twice and then also climb to the top of the world when you have a broken back? Then to go on and complete Foreign legion basic training. Through out you see and understand him better and learn about his Faith and spirt Along with the story of Adventure is shown this small shy lad who overcomes many problems to become this great father and husband. You can truly see how much he loves his family and that despite all the dare devil antics that they are truly his number one love and care, much more than any fame status. A man who is more famously know for what he does on camera than off has had his fair share of critics as noted in the book. Most whom are probably people who just don’t understand him as if they did I don’t think they could be critics any longer. Anyway best not give to much more away.

I personally am very jealous of his island in Wales what a great place to live to be able to get away from everything and just be yourself. What a great Chief Scout as well a true inspiration to all members worldwide.

So If you haven’t the time to be like Bear Grylls and jump out a plane, climb Everest and be Chief Scout hopefully reading Mud, Sweat and Tears will allow to get a feeling for it. Get it Now!