New York, New York!

Friday involved a morning of skype and packing. We were picked up at about 10am and shuttled to the airport. Here we went through the usual security checks and all in all it didn’t take long, San Fran is an easy to get around airport.

After clearing security we headed to a diner and got a burger each, both freshly made and with real cut potato chips 🙂 none of these French fries rubbish.

On the plane and it was fully booked with again no food an no entertainment, also on this flight no power sockets and no Wifi, awesome! We also had a kid in front of us who wanted to share his toys with us, his folks were trying to stop him but this still diden’t have much success. Well American Airlines you really do suck in fact at least we slezyjet you know what your paying for/not.

We  arrived at JFK and after a walk got to our bag and headed for the taxi rank as it was 21:00 local time and we diden’t fancy the faff of subway and trains on our arrive at night with our big bags. Yep taxi was not cheap but got us there quickly as most yellow cabs speed around the city and we were taken pretty much to our door.

After a bit of a wait we were let into the apartment we are staying in, its a kitchenette and will be fine for what we need for the time were hear, if a little quirky. I wasn’t overly impressed with the place but its in a good location. I just would like it if our window shut fully and if the door had a better lock on it as I reckon one good kick and it would give way, we do have a front door that is locked as well to get into the flats, oh and you cant turn the radiators of which you wouldn’t think was so bad except considering its -2’C outside  for the fact it gets too hot in hear. Oh well here we are.