It’s a slow shift tonight so were tried to get some sleep which kinda work but it’s so cold tonight thank god for my down sleeping bag and so scouting initiative managed an hour or so sleep

Guna be a hot one!

So the lads got me up early this morning mainly because it was to hot in the tent at 7:45, personally I was very happy napping but oh well up and onwards. So we went and lined up to get sauna tokens for 12:00 and then headed for breakfast. We chatted with simon for a

View from the top

So found this pic online which was taken by local plane

A right Royal scorcher

Well it’s the early one today. Got to security for 7am and then got given a Swedish minibus to drive out to the gates and drop people off. Am loving the chance to drive foreign vehicles. Well spent all morning in south gate the busiest gate to site, a bit like heathrow with around 8

Ah fek welcome to Ireland

What an awesome night in the Ireland tent, great music and beer. Even without proper beer we had lots of fun.

Tea, tea, tea and up we go!

So after lunch we went to find Mary hall and have afternoon tea with her, which we did and then after this hit up Avon for yep more tea. We finally after this went for dinner where we had fun with reindeer before sorting out the rubbish quality UK gear, very bad quality and lots

More more more, how do u like it!

Hey so PJ went of to work earlier and after the Czech drinks Lucy went of to an IST experience which left Ali and I wandering around. We went and visited a number of different placing including the French and Polish tents. But by far the best was the Columbia tent where we had Coffee

Ali paints his …

What a morning walking around the world village been to Japan, New Zealand, Canada, USA and many more … Here’s some pictures from this morning were currently sat in Czech food house drinking grape fizzy juice.

Top of t’a morning to ya

So breakfast forget the IST mush were of to Ireland for a breakfast and best of all u can pay in euros. Right time to explorer catch u later

Work not so bad, gate, internet and a cool swede

Well its getting a bit muddy on site now which is making some things interesting but thankfully it is not as bad as GlastonburySo had a nice evening in the Austrian food house, couple of beers [non-alcoholic] and some apple strudel. Got to bed around midnight so nice lie in this morning but got up

The only way is wet!

Zzzzzzzz so bed at 8am and slept till about 2pm got up but feeling a bit grogy. Got dress and Ali and I headed for food houses via glos contingent who are all well. We decide to try the Czech food house and got a light and dark beer to try and a sausage and

Long long day

We then had a mess around in the E.on tent and sat in the car. So what an awesome experience the sauna is really hot and then going out in to the rain outside. So then dinner and getting ready for work and opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was awesome, Bear came from the roof

Breakfast what’s that!

So we may have ended up having a bit of a lie in this morning which was nice but I did miss out on my porridge 🙁 so up and it’s raining not nice. Oh well Ali and I went to see the Glos lot and got a chops tea and had a chat before

Work hard Party umm

So what a day

Photos from last couple days