Boats, Food and a long long beach!

Sunday Time to head north. So of to Piahia, here I parked up and got the boat over to Russell. It felt as if I was on the little boat going over to Brownsea, sadly I wasn’t. Russell was the first permanent European settlement in NZ, it also has the oldest church in NZ. Over the hill

Whangarei [fong-a ray] – Carnap

Saturday morning I left Waiwera and headed to Whangarei. I arrived around 11am and parked up in the city basin area and took a walk around. After a chat in the information centre I left with some ideas for the day. I headed up a local hill that allows a view out across the city. It

Auckland the windy city!

So Thursday Chilling out at the house as the weather was something else. Very heavy rain then sunshine then rain and it was tropical rain that would sock you in seconds. I popped to the shops in the afternoon and the rivers were flowing very fast and high. It turned out watching the 6pm news

Napier and a comfy bed

So I arrived just after 3pm on Sunday and was give a quick tour in the car around Naiper before we headed back to the house just around 10km outside Napier and about halfway to Henderson. Back to not having to hunt out free Wifi for a couple of days 🙂 that night beer and

Dedicated to miss the match

Saturday, brought with it a relaxing morning in town with a little research online along with a lovely cuppa tea. In the afternoon I took a wander of around 8km around the walkways around the edge of the lake. Its a very lovely walk encompassing sulfur bay. This walk finished just south of the Polynesia Spa. Returning to the

Rotorua, grumpy man, kiwi, sheep and free wifi!

Wednesday, this morning brought with it me still feeling washed out and not 100% luckily only an hour ride to Rotorua from Taupo. This I took Nakedbus to get there for around $20. I arrived just before 11am, then walked around 500m to the YHA from the central bus stop. I thought I would be

Taupo Timelapse

This is the best of the 3 time-lapses that I tried over Taupo lake. Will be trying more soon!

Here I go again on my own…

… going down the roads in Taupo i don’t know. So Monday morning in Taupo back on my own travelling and staying in budget accommodation with budget food, shame I was just getting used to the nice life. I decided I would today head to the Taupo Bungy area and then on along Spa Rd. to the Huka falls walking track

Taupo for a family holiday.

Friday, up early today and of to Taupo by 9am zzzzzzz. This is a 200 mile trip from Auckland and spent most of it dozing or looking at the scenery out the window. All of us going for one reason, ok two reasons. Firstly so Grant could cycle 160km around the lake and also it meant a free

Wiawera and back to Auckland

Wednesday, I had a wander up and over one of the local hill in Wiawera. It was another lovely day and a very enjoyable walk through the forest area, which felt like I was walking through a jungle until I got to the top and there was a long grassy common, with spectacular views across

Waiwera, View to a kill for/take loads of photos

Monday, of to Waiwera. So 2 bus journeys taking around 2hours for what would take 30mins in a car 🙂 sounds like home. they day involved relaxing and enjoying looking out at the view. Along with this I also enjoyed relaxing in the thermal pool outside where Lois lives, running at a temp around 45’C direct

Kia Ora Welcome to New Zealand

So I arrived from OZ on Qantas Jet from Sydney in Auckland. It was a good trip over and I watched Total Rekall [its ok]. So I arrived and saw the awesome entry gate in Auckland airport. I then went through Customs and all was good they let me in for 6 months 🙂 .

Howz That! for a final day in OZ

Tuesday  So up today and headed to the Opera house to have some Skype sessions. I then  headed of to the SCG [Sydney Cricket Ground]. This is where I spent most of the day as it was free entry 🙂 it was a really good match as well! Later on I headed back to the

Bonsai and Bondi

Monday so up early today and got of to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I was entering the gardens and found many people in 1950’s dress and there I was with shorts on feeling under dressed, until I discovered they were filming for a Channel 7 series, I admired the old cars and headed on to the

I Will Remember

Sunday Today I was up at a reasonable time and got myself to Martins Place for around 10:30am as this is the main memorial area in Sydney. There were around 600 people there and a lot of military personnel also. The headed of government were in attendance and also heads of military as well. It