Time to go Manly and see Palin.

Saturday Today was a trip on the famous Manly ferry from Circular Key to funny enough Manly. Manly is just shops and a beach. So I walked the beach in the surf and then saw another beach just around the corner which looked more shelter than the main beach which had a strong wind coming

A Right Royal Run

Friday Today I was up late and headed for the observatory on the way I passed the contemporary art museum where there was a big crowd was. I stopped and asked a chap what was going and he said they were all gathered to see HRH Prince Charles. I chatted for a while and about

Song and dance at the Opera House.

So I got up and sorted out the hangover around 11am zzzzzzzzzzz. I made lunch and got on the train to go up to Circular Quay and then wandered around the Opera house. I then went in got a Tour ticket and had around 45mins to play with until my tour, so I took a

The free girl, the lads, the night!

So got up around 8:30 had a shower, breakfast and then tried to get some questions answered by reception, which pretty much they could help with. So I headed on to Town Hall Sq to check out the free guided tour of the city. On the way there were a few spots of rain and

Whiskey in the Jar! Bye Bye Canberra

My Oh My, what an evening in the Transit bar under the YHA. If you go to Canberra you need to visit, best bar in town. I ended up on the Whiskey and it was very nice Laphroaig 10 year old. Couple of these’s then an American gave me an American whiskey which was nowhere

Up Up and oh a lizard and a plank!

Sunday Decided to chill out on Sunday hadn’t felt great the night before and so had a bit of a lie in. If honest felt a bit washed out and sleepy. I got up around 10 and went to the Shopping centre and had a Skype. Was nice to see each other and it helped to brighten

Its all a load of Politics

I woke up at around 7 feeling sleepy thinking I would stay in bed a bit longer. About 8.30 I couldn’t sleep any more so I got up and got on with my day. I got to ‘Parliament House’ around 10:30. It’s a very impressive building standing on top of Capital Hill. It’s actually built

We Will Remember Them.

So Today I was up at a reasonable time and headed to the National War Museum. I headed to it up Anzac Parade which is probably similar to ‘The Mall’ in London. Down each side of this wide road were memorials to honour the fallen in the many different wars that Australia has been involved

Fire! Evacuate the building and visit Canberra

So Thursday was up early, hadn’t planned on it but someone had hit the fire alarm and so we all were evacuated. Blurrrr look at watch 7:30 right clothes on open locked and grab my small bag as it had all the important stuff in it, passport, wallet, flight info, phone, laptop, and camera. So

So bye Cairns Hello Canberra

Tuesday Today was wash day I set about washing most of my clothes. I had to wait quite a while for the staff to finish doing all their washing. So I set about blogging while I waited for this to happen. After all washing was sorted I go the 15:30 bus into town and sorted

Bus, Planes and Treeeeeeeeeeees!

So Monday I got up early and had a Lovely early morning Skype in one of the hammocks 😀 . After this I got all my gear and got the shuttle to town for 10:30 and then found the 131 bus to the Botanic gardens which left just after 11:00. The return was $5.20 for

Tropic Days & Aussie BBQ

So Sunday was a chill out day for me. I was tired  from the diving on Saturday and a little sunburnt on the backs of my legs. I decided to have a day chilling out in the hostel. Tropic Days, Cairns is located slightly out of the centre of Cairns. Takes around 20 mins to walk from

Great Barrier Reef

Well the day had arrived, the main reason for me being in Cairns, in fact the only reason for me being in cairns. I was up at 6am as had to be at the boat for 7am zzzzzz. Well I was up had packed the night before and went to get breakfast which I had

Cairns and Cheap Melons!

So first day in which I’m really properly in Cairns and so I decided I would get the 10.30am bus into town but before that I had the joy of a drunked skype conversation and this time it was not me that was on the juice, well I bloody hope not at 9am! So after

Trip Down Under

So Changi Airport, Singapore I had time to get s Starbucks coffee with my $12 tax refund which was nice! I then had time to sit at the gate and watch everyone queue while sat of the free wifi and when the queue had gone just walk straight through security. On to the Plane and although I