Jungle Singapore Style

Well that’s it folks yesterday [Wednesday] was my last day in Singapore. I had a nice lie and made sure I had most of my kit packed. I then headed of for Kent Ridge Park which is close to PGP. I walked down the road and then found the steep hill up to the top of the

Back in the Sweat box

So back in Singapore yesterday and I was up around 09:00 as wanted to get out to the Botanic gardens. Its about 5 MRT stops away so not to far. Its a lovely place and probably one of the nice place to go in Singapore. There are pathways all the way through and signs everywhere making it

Tioman Diving, Fun and so little time!

So have been busy last few days Diving and Travelling. Saturday Was awake at 08:30 ish and crashed out till 09:00 before getting up and having breakfast. We had 3 dives to do on Saturday. First dive was out in the local bay area in front of the dive centre. This was to practise some techniques and also had

Dive Dive Dive!

SO! today nackered is the only word to describe it. Up at 6.30 Orios for breakfast and then walking to the port to get the ferry to Tioman. Tioman Island (Malay language: Pulau Tioman) is a small island located 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang, and is some 39 km long and 12 km

Sleep? What’s that?

So rubbish nights sleep but it’s not to bad the other night. Got up yesterday around 9am and headed of to little India via MRT and to a place called Sim lim square where you can get electronics. Wandered around and asked in all the stalls for the cost of the fujifilm xp 50. Eventually

It never rains but it Singa-Pores

Firstly to catch up from last night at the airport. You have to fill out a landing card so I duly did so, apart from the part that says location during stay, uhhhh ‘Chris’s Pad’ don’t think counts. So when the immigration offer said ‘where are you staying’ I don’t think she was impressed with the fact i didn’t know where

Leaving on a jet plane to … ummm

Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh baby, I hate to go… Well that’s enough John Denver! So what an awesome start, not! Sorry sir we haven’t a seat for you on the flight you have paid for, shit! But sir if you take this flight via Dubai we will get

Travel Kit

So 13.8kg was the weight of my bag at checkin. So what does 13.8kg get you for 3.5 months? Well in my case: – 8 pairs boxers – 6 pairs socks – 2 shorts – 3 trousers – 2 jumpers – 5 t-shirts – 2 shirts – sandals – boots – trail shoes – wash

Final Week, What a week…

So my final week in the UK, soon it will be Monday and ill be flying off to see Chris. I have finally booked up OZ and also sorted insurance. I’ll be honest I’m pretty nervous now, always happens before I travel, but I know its guna be awesome. Maybe its all the people that keep giving

Take 3 – RTW Update

So Whats happening with this around the world? …… Well making an itinerary is a little more difficult that I thought, especially when company’s monopolies places like Ayers Rock to price it to totally unreasonable levels. Camping being around £23 a night!!!!! that without electric. For £23 a night id expect a personal tent-guard stood

Phase II – Around The World

So today 30th August its my last day of offical work 😀 scary! I now have just over 1 month until I fly out of here on 15th October. The ticket is booked and its all go! I still have a lot to sort but its slowly coming together and over the coming weeks I should

Essex International Jamboree 2012

EIJ2012 is now over and just as previous ones it was a fantastic week that is well organised by very dedicated teams of staff, thank you to them all. This year involved myself and Ali Andrews taking 6 of our Explorers, all whom had a fantastic time there [or we think they did]. We decided to do it

MSR Whisperlite 2012 and other stoves – Review

So finally I decided it was time to invested in my own camping stove. Having looked around at a number of different stoves and having used an MSR Dragonfly then it was going to be tuff to find something that would be up to that same standard. I looked at the following stoves and nope

3 Peaks Personal Review and Thoughts

Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon, 3 Peaks Done! So what did I learn? Weather is a key player in how good the experience is. Plan for road conditions Walking at night? Sleep? Food intake. What’s next? So Our Stats for the 3 Peaks were: Ben Nevis – 5hrs, 14km, 1326m gain, started 2am finished 7am. Scafell

3 Guys, 3 Peaks, 1 Lucky Tammy

So Im sat in the back of the Tam car on way to Scotland. Finally on our way to do the 3 peaks 😀 Our awesome and quite nutty driver: Tammy Bell Runners: Lewis Dangermouse, G I ‘PJ’ Jones and Me! So our preparation for this…… ummm not a lot if were honest. The National Three Peaks