Run Nutt Boy Run!

So many of you will know that I have been silly enough to finally go through with the idea of running a marathon. Well its been a while since I did anything silly, well apart from that one time… anyway!

6th October is the target date. Bournemouth brand new full 26 mile marathon is the aim. Time not an issue as long as its under 6hr30mins, the aim this time round [as if im guna do it again!] is to complete it.

Around 10 weeks to go till then and its creeping up fast and really needs to become a better focus in my life if I’m to complete this. I have a training plan which I haven’t stuck to and instead have been going out for a run and each time pushing myself to go a little further. Probably not the best idea  and so will be doing my best to get sticking to the PLAN!

So new plan. Have my very own training coach 🙂 the very awesome Marnee. Who I’m sure after running 100 miles + a week back in her day along with her awesome organisation skills will massively help me to get this crazy idea to a reality. So GO TEAM!

So I put the question out on Facebook. “Need to get running shoes ppl, advise” this prompted an interesting number of comments as responses and some had words I’ve never heard of including “gait”. Well this alone confused me and made me realise I really need some impartial advice.

Well lots of answers and along with a shopping trip with Marnee and I have a pair of running shoes which along with the lightweight running shorts will be much better than my battered old trainers and Rab Bouldering shorts [great shorts but bit heavy for running]. Last night got some Superfeet insoles in the shoes which should help with my flat foot issue.

Have now been out running in the shoes and shorts and its feeling good with the proper kit. I will try to give a bi-weekly update on the progress. LETS DO THIS!