Seeing the big man up stairs

Headed over to the airport island on the MTR and after a Starbuck’s got on to the np360 cable car to head up to see np village and the big Buddha. Well it was a wet and windy day which meant the cable car was wobbling all over the place! Not much fun! But up the top we stopped for lunch before heading on to see the monastery and then the big Buddha.
After this a bit of shopping at the outlet centre I got a new T-shirt as all I packed was 3 it turns out. Probably why my bag is only 15kg.

From here we headed back got cleaned up before heading out for dinner. Last night in Hong Kong so I did have my favourite sweet and sour chicken then time for some beers.

After this we headed back and on route Chris and I headed to the foot massage to blow out last dollar. We were abit worried and little scared what we might end up with but it worked out, two very happy feet each and felt like we were walking on air.