Whangarei [fong-a ray] – Carnap

Saturday morning I left Waiwera and headed to Whangarei. I arrived around 11am and parked up in the city basin area and took a walk around. After a chat in the information centre I left with some ideas for the day. I headed up a local hill that allows a view out across the city. It is a lovely view. Next was to the Whangarei waterfalls, these are decent falls and impressive, see pics below. This includes a walk of around 4km to a local forest that you can take the canopy walk in. Although this was not all that impressive there is a hidden waterfall nearby which involves a walk up the river bed, hence why not many see it 🙂

On returning to the car I headed out to the I-Site and got some information on the Northlands and what I could see up there, they highly recommended going up to Cape Reinga, the top of the country. I headed out and chilled on the beach for a little before I got a Pizza for dinner and sat in the marina area and enjoyed it as the sun went down. I then took a walk along the front including past a big rock arc which looked perfect for bouldering however I resisted as it was a statue.

I then headed up to a spot I had found earlier in the day where I setup the car for the night, yeh I was kipping in the car as it was going to save me $25 and I though it would be quite a laugh. Surprisingly I had a better nights sleep that what I thought I would get.