Why Why Wine, cus its sunny!

Wednesday, The day of the wine tour, today we were up early as today was wine tour day. This involved us being ready for 8:30 AM at the front of the hotel. We were ready and thankfully our bus was on time to collect us. We have picked up by our bus driver Doug who would be our tour guide/bus driver for the day. He is not technically our tour guide but was so interesting and funny he might as well have been.

We travelled over the golden gate bridge and towards the Napa valley. Our first stop was the Madonna Estate, Carneros, Napa Valley. They have been making wine here for four generations since 1922 and are the second oldest wine making family in the Napa Valley. They are members of the CCOF (Californian Certified Organic Farmers). There cabernet sauvignon was very nice however there merlot was not so great.
The second winery we visited was Stutter Home. This winery has been going since 1890 and is also a family owned vineyard in Napa Valley. We tried a number of their winds most which were palatable some which were very tasteful. We ended up leaving with a bottle of sweet red! Yes sweet and red in a bottle it’s a 2010 wine which is a mix of Zinfandel, Moscato and Merlot.
After this we stopped for lunch in Yountville. Here we had one and a half hours for lunch. We went to the bakery and purchased some cakes to go with our sandwiches we had for lunch. After lunch were heading onto the third and final winery of the day.
We are going into the Sonoma Valley which is next to the Napa valley and produced just as good wines. The final winery was Sebastiani which was very grand and has a very Italian feel to it, due to that’s where its history lies. Here we were given a full tour of the facilities and there wine making process followed naturally by some more wine tasting.

After this we headed back to San Fran and were dropped of at our hotel 🙂 at around 5:30pm which meant we had 30 mins of free wine and nibbles at the hotel.

After some relaxing upstairs we headed out to the piers where I got a crab cooked which was very tasty. From here we headed of to Hot Spud and both got a spud for dinner.