Wiawera and back to Auckland

Wednesday, I had a wander up and over one of the local hill in Wiawera. It was another lovely day and a very enjoyable walk through the forest area, which felt like I was walking through a jungle until I got to the top and there was a long grassy common, with spectacular views across the bay and out  over the sea. On the way back I stopped of for a hokey pokey ice cream and spent the afternoon sorting some pictures and setting up Lois’s surround sound system. Another dip in the hot pool in the evening and then a wander along the beach.

Thursday, got up early and sorted my kit before going for a wander to get the paper, another lush day in NZ. I then spent 2hrs getting back to Henderson. Here it was time to sort some washing. I took a wander in to the shopping centre to find out what the cost of an FM transmitter would be for in the van. I ended up buying an ice cream and the Led Zeppelin CD. So this was played for the remainder of the day on the HiFi system. Later on had a Skype session but that was about it for the day.