Work not so bad, gate, internet and a cool swede

Well its getting a bit muddy on site now which is making some things interesting but thankfully it is not as bad as GlastonburySo had a nice evening in the Austrian food house, couple of beers [non-alcoholic] and some apple strudel. Got to bed around midnight so nice lie in this morning but got up and in for last breakfast. Had a nice shower and then had a power nap after as feeling a little ruff. so got up and had lunch then went to Avonasurous for some feka time [tea break] . Then had work at 15:00 till 23:00 which while I was waiting for my lift to North Gate [Golf 2], I was chatting with one of the Swedish and learning more about their Scouting. It turns out there are 5 different organisations in Sweden with very little difference between them.

So got power and internet in our little hut so not all bad but the rain was around earlier. All going well and fun, had the UAE security car come in. So why is it always the British that cant follow rules! Brits working in the Food House come to the Gate with out a car pass and make a fuss and then drive in anyway and used not pleasant language, So will not be going back to the UK Food House.

So had dinner with X-ray my mate who was operating the follow me car. We then got positioned to the west gate which was a very easy gig.

So after work of to bed but just before that a little star gazing, which brought up a debate and then star apps on iPhones, also a pic of our monument lit up