Time fly’s when your asleep

So last night we headed out to the Temple Street night market. We headed down setting all the products that were for sale from iPhone cases through to waving Chinese lucky cats. I haggled for some leather bracelets. After wandering up and back we headed over to a very busy restaurant called the Spicy Crab. Here we all ordered some Chinese beer and I had the best lemon chicken ever while Ali and Chris when for a very very hot chili noodle Spicy shrimps. Needless to say they were feeling it.

So a couple of beers later we realised the shop next door had WiFi


After this we wandered the local streets in a merry manner before finding another bar and stopping and chasing to a Chinese guy and his German friend. More beer was consumed in a social experiment of local flavour. Home for 2am! After putting Ali to need Chris and I headed back out for a wander. We walked towards the sea and the city was now dead with no one around. We found the sea and headed back to the apartment getting home for 5:30am!

Got up around 11am a little hungover. Eventually out of the apartment for 2 and headed to B.P. international which is the HQ for Hong Kong’s Scout movement. Here we completed a geocache in the building and explored the Scout museum. From there we headed into Kowloon’s park and found another cache before heading back to the apartment to get coats as the weather has turned very wet. We headed down to the MTR station to get down to the front to watch the light show which is nightly at 8pm. It was not what I expected but was still interesting to watch. In the pouring rain we walked along the front which is the parade of stars a bit like Hollywood snd got a pic of the Bruce Lee statue.

Back to a restaurant around the corner from the apartment to get some dim sum for dinner, bloody lush and would have it again. Was complimented on how well I used chopsticks and had a great dinner. Its a tiny place that could seat maybe 16 people and was just one room with the kitchen on the side.