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Back to the UK – Kandersteg

Hey back on UK soil and yeh just like last time I hate coming home as you know its the end of another awesome adventure. Kandersteg is truly a beautiful place to visit. The week was intense and I loved every minute of it. Sunday involved a walk to the village and learning about the

Essex International Jamboree 2012

EIJ2012 is now over and just as previous ones it was a fantastic week that is well organised by very dedicated teams of staff, thank you to them all. This year involved myself and Ali Andrews taking 6 of our Explorers, all whom had a fantastic time there [or we think they did]. We decided to do it

MSR Whisperlite 2012 and other stoves – Review

So finally I decided it was time to invested in my own camping stove. Having looked around at a number of different stoves and having used an MSR Dragonfly then it was going to be tuff to find something that would be up to that same standard. I looked at the following stoves and nope

Mud, Sweat and Tears – Bear Grylls

Mud, Sweat and Tears are not required to read through this book, very enjoyable and easy to read. Every page is full of interesting information about and story’s about Bear. Its broken down into Parts and then the chapters are also very short this making it great to pick up and if you can put

Cotswold 2012 Finished!

So 2012 cotswold marathon one of the most interesting with some awesome snow blizzards, sleet, rain of and sub zero icy temps. That said we did manage to go the distance and complete the 36 miles 🙂 to see the route check out the link below.

Cotswold Marathon 2012

So the countdown begins around 24hr before we roll and im looking forward to it just need a good nights sleep tonight. Got the spot up and running ready and tested today go to where is … for tracking