Über Balm

So I got my hand on some of the testers for Über Balm hand bar, its made here in Dorset.

To use both of the products it is required to warm the bars in your hands to get them to be malleable before you can apply it to your hands.

IMG_7976So 2 testers, both have primarily the same products, Shea butter, beeswax and extra virgin olive oil.

Sample A shown on the left is a small disc slightly bigger than an SD Card [see other pics below]. The disc shape is easy to slide around your hands but i did find it harder to keep hold of when warm.  It has the products above listed in it along with orange and lavender, it has a lovely orange smell to it.

IMG_7975Sample B shown on the right is a bar shape and about the same size as sample A. I preferred this block shape as it was easier to use. It has lavender and grapefruit with it as well, this has more of a lavender smell to it, which I prefer!

Both the products have a slight greasy feel to them when on your hands which is beneficial to get the balm into cracked skin but on the downside does stay on your hands and get onto anything you touch. This is however a common issue with most hand products I have tried and so can not hold that against the Uber Balm products. 

Having used these for a week now it has definitely help to heal up my cracked thumbs 😀


Great products with much potential. Nice to have it as a block that I can rub on. I’m personally prefer tester B as this has a nicer smell to it.



Über Luber is their lip balm. This i have been using for around a month and it helps to heal up my chapped lips after a day out on the water. The only thing I would like to see with this is a better smell to it as at the moment it has no real smell to it.


More Info

WEB: uberbalm.co.uk
MOB: 07974213903
EMAIL: info @ uberbalm.co.uk