#10 must visit places in the World

# Top of Rock, NYC

The only place to get the best view of the Empire State building. At 70 floors up this unrestricted view out over the city is the best in the city. Along with the ability to stay up there as long as you like when not busy means you can have a relaxed time popping in and out to warm up while admiring the Big Apple all lit up. Top of The Rockerfeller Centre, NYC.

# 90 mile beach, NZ

90mile90 miles long it may not quite be, however this State highway at low tide is one of the best places in the world to watch the sun go down. On the West coast of the Northern part of New Zealand this uncrowded place is a must see.

# Canberra war memorial, OZ

oz-poppyWar has been apart of all nations and although in the UK you rarely hear of the OZ’s involved in any fight other than with a croc, these guys have a long history which is encapsulated in this very moving place. Keep at least a day free to get around all the many exhibits. Located in Canberra it is one of many Museums that are worth a visit.

# Golden gate bridge at sunset, San Francisco

SFCOne of the wonders of the USA, the beautiful golden gate bridge a welcome sight for sailors from the west heading to the USA. Stunning to photograph and stare at in all weather its the entrance to an amazing city full of culture and diversity.

# Lake Matheson, NZ

lake-matherson A place of tranquillity for any whom visit at the right time of day. So an early 4:30/5 am start will mean the best photo possible. Find your way around to the Reflection pool walkway from where you will get the photo above. I will be going back and spending some more time there. Just in the background is the Fox glacier another stunning visit to be had!

# Wadies, Oman

Forget Egypt and Dubai, head to the up and coming Oman. This beautiful country has many hidden secrets that the guide books just don’t know so get on good terms with the locals and they can show you plenty.

# Sahara Desert, Tunisia

tunisiaTunisia has the tourist areas, but forget these and discover the true culture of the country and find out how the locals really behave when the tourists are not around.

# Mt. Elgon, Uganda

IMG_1107Standing proud on the border of Kenya and Uganda this big hill has an amazing view over the empty plains and beyond. Along with no light pollutions its one of the best places to see the nights sky.

# Sydney Opera House, OZ

IMG_41511 in 3 people in the world will recognise a photo of this place, but forget that, come and see the extrodinary design and arcutecture of this place. So many angles and lines that then make up flowing waves. Take the tour as a minimum and if you can then see a show as well, it worth the money.

# So Thats 9 Place What would you say is 10?