BMC – Wearing Climbing Helmets: Yes or No?

Very interesting video by the BMC on climbing helmets, worth the 8 mins to watch and will make you think!

Looks at the different types of helmet and covers a chat with top climber Neil Bentley on why he chose to wear a lid on the first ascent of Equilibrium, the UK’s first E10 [fair play] – he also talks about a serious head injury he suffered in the Dolomites and how wearing a helmet possibly saved his life.

The video’s part of the BMC’s Helmet Campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness of helmets and helping climbers to make informed judgements about whether or not to wear one.

My personal view is that if I’m outdoors climbing then I will always wear a helmet as you can’t always predict what will happen, so if you there is a possibility that wearing a helmet will reduce the risk of any incident then I love my helmet.