Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

20120609-103850.jpgRanulph Fiennes, Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know. Firstly if you have never read this and you enjoy outdoors and adventure you need this book. Not only will it inspire you it will get your imagination thinking about you next trip.

It’s a book that’s an adventure from start to finish and great fun to read with true love and honesty throughout. Its a book that I could not put down and spent many a night looking at the clock to see 1am.

Ran in this book starts from his young years as a boy and covers his entire life up to around 2007. By the time you get to his years in the SAS you will feel as though your by his side as he pushes through the grueling tests he is set. This feeling stays with you thought the book and by the end you will feel as though you have been reminiscing lifelong adventures and events with an old friend. In the book your get to experienced all the adventures, failures and emotion that his inspiring life has entailed.

Most people only have the luxury to know Ran from Transglobe and other challenges after including his 777 Marathon Event, Everest and Eiger adventures, this raising funds for charity’s totaling over £10 Million to date.

One of the most moving parts of the book is when Ran talks about his first Wife Ginny, you can truly feel the love that Ran has for his first wife Ginny through out the book,

“My thanks to my late wife Ginny for a lifetime of love, friendship and inspiration.”

Ran is a true madman, I don’t believe he will ever change [slow down with age but don’t we all]. He is also a true gentleman and a man with a huge heart putting the needs of others before himself. So go read one of his books now! Next Chief Scout?