Napier and a comfy bed

So I arrived just after 3pm on Sunday and was give a quick tour in the car around Naiper before we headed back to the house just around 10km outside Napier and about halfway to Henderson. Back to not having to hunt out free Wifi for a couple of days 🙂 that night beer and burgers was a great meal and then Sky’s Sunday night film. Then of for a great nights sleep in a very comfy bed.

Monday! feeling refreshed and very happy I was up and of into Napier to have a look around. I wandered the art deco streets and window shopped and gave in and went to look in the MacPac store, still didn’t buy anything but came very close. I walked through civic centre park and watch some guy taking down a massive old tree. It was interesting in the way they were using their chainsaws, I haven’t a chainsaw ticket but I’m pretty sure that’s not right was my thinking. I continued on and wandered out of the centre to another park which I didn’t go into as they had all the water sprayers on, from here I headed up hill through the botanic gardens and to the top hoping to get a good view. I managed to get a fairly good view but a lot of house’s were in the way.

To give an idea of quite how hot it was on my way back I left a footprint in the tar covering a crack in the road, was around 28’C. I headed back down into town stopping for a drink before on to the pebble beach which is very similar to chesil beach in Dorset. From here I got a lift back and chilled out for a while before out BBQ dinner.

Then Julies mum Yvonne and a few friends were over for the evening and I had a very interesting chat with Yvonne on family history and my granddad. I escaped away to the games room for beer and darts with Graeme and a friend of his, I suck at darts and the beers didn’t make it any better.

Tuesday has been a day chilling at the house. A visit to the man shop Mitre 10, [B+Q] but that’s been it apart from doing some washing. This evening we chilled out with beer in the hot tub.