RYLA, RYLA [Rotary Youth Leadership Award]

Firstly I have to say, “Thank you” to all the friends I have made from the course, also to “positive” Jack and his team and a special thanks to Justin and Pa our instructors for the week. Friends for Life, Experience for Life, Live for Life.

So prior to the week what did I expect? Well I chatted with a couple of friends who had been on the course before and all I got out of them was we would build a flag, my scouting skills/knowledge would be well used and that the food was excellent so no need for extra food.

What was I expecting/ hoping to get from the week? Firstly a great week outdoors just having fun [not being at work], Secondly a chance to see how good my leadership skills would be with a group with similar age to mine.

So what did the week involve? I’m not going to reveal to much as its a great course and don’t want to spoil it for future candidates. What I shall reveal is we had talks from a number of exception individuals including; Jack Russell’s talk on “Tool Box of Life Skills” . Nick Arding gave an inspiring talk on Everest and leadership at high altitude, he spoke of leading his team, the issues he encountered and how some issues he should have dealt with more effectively. He then led on to a decision that save a climbers life from another group nearly at the risk of his own and three others, thankful Everest was on their side that night.

The week did involve a lot of outdoor activities but this was backed up with just as much lecture time, in fact lecture is not the right word as they were very interesting and some very interactive life stories/adventures from a wide range of professionals. The amazing thing about the week is that despite the 10 year age range and the fact that we all come from different lifestyles we all came together to work effectively with in the teams that we were placed into. This is what makes the way the course is led by PDC so great.

For me the course personally has helped form new links and friendships, new skills and new leadership styles. However the most important thing it has helped with is confirm my plans for the next 18 months and that has really excite myself  beyond words about them. Finally something Pa said which will stick in my head forever is;

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito”

Below is a video from our week Thanks Harri for this

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