Who you guna call?

Sunday, today again we weren’t up that early much earlier than the day before. This is primarily due to the fact that it gets very warm in our flat because the heating is on 24 seven and there is no way to control it. The only way to resolve this issue is to open the windows even though it is -2 outside. If you open the windows and then have the issue that you’re in the middle of the big apple and it can get quite noisy even at night.

Today we decided to do one of the walks in our lonely planet book which started in Canal Street and went through the Tribeca area down to lower Manhattan finishing off in Wall Street. One of the main points on the walk is to 8 hook and ladder, better known as ghost-control headquarters in the 1980s film Ghostbusters. It did take some effort to get here as today Amanda was map reading and she wouldn’t let me help, not her fault as the map in the book is not all that accurate.

We continue down Church Street before moving over onto Broadway passing by the Woolworth building the tallest skyscraper in the world upon completion in 1913. We had a look around City Hall Park before moving on to St Pauls Chapel. There is a memorial in St Paul’s Chapel which is a tribute to the 911 incident. We had a good look around here and even admired the Hope Bell which was sent over from London after the 911 incident as a sign of hope and respect to the city of New York.

It was now time to go and collect our tickets which were free to go and see the 911 memorial which is located where the Twin Towers originally stood. From here we continue to the Memorial entrance and went through security before arriving at the actual memorial. The memorial is in effect the foundations of the two towers been turned into two ponds. They are fountains that spray inwards and downwards into the foundations that were the towers. Around the edge of each pond is the names of the victims from that day. There is also a small area with trees and the whole area is paved. Just behind the site is a new skyscraper going up which is one of the tallest skyscraper is now on the skyline of New York. We spent around about 35 to 40 minutes before leaving and heading down towards Bowling Green.

Here we came across the Museum of Native American Indians. This was free to enter and we walked around it. There was a specialist exhibition on display by C.Maxx Stevens, Called house of memory. I’ll be honest this wasn’t what I would personally call art it look more like an attempt by an A-level art student. The native American Indian section was okay although I did move through this rather quickly. However I was then pleasantly surprised to walk around the corner and come across the music section, this had not only guitar but also drums and headphones that you could listen to music by some awesome artists including the likes of Randy Castillo and Jimi Hendrix. We got chucked out of here at 5 PM as that’s when they closed.

We walked across the park and to the age of the Bay Area. This looked out towards the statue of liberty and Statton Island. Here we watch the sunset behind the Statue of Liberty. After this we headed back to the apartment where we relax and got Netflix working on the TV.