the big Apple.

Saturday, so we were up late. It was not a great nights sleep. We got up and started walking down Lexington Avenue towards Grand Central. Amanda was like an excitable child. She was very happy to be here in New York, I also am but I don’t think I’m quite as excited as she is!

We headed into Dunkin donuts for breakfast we had coffee and you guessed it doughnuts! Amanda had two donuts but I had one and topped it up with a slice of pizza later on. We spent time looking at different shops and around the local area. Amanda ended up going to Little Miss Matched, where she bought a hat and new gloves. We headed pass the Apple Store which is just a glass cube and a shop is actually located underground.

On to Central Park where we had a wander around the lower area and even saw the ice rink. I’m sure at some point we will go on the ice rink. We then headed back towards our apartment and on from here to a food shop. We bought all the food we required for the next couple of days. The rest of the evening as it was now around 7 PM was mainly relaxing with a couple of beers.