Oh my god he’s got a…

… Camera. More on that further down.

Thursday again a lazy morning but we both feeling tired. We did get around 11 and headed into Central Park to go iceskating. We paid $18 each which included skate hire. We got skates on and were right on the ice Amanda seem to be enjoying herself and flying around. I however was not enjoying this experience at all as he ice was all chopped up and their skates we had were rentals so not looked after properly at all. After about three laps which took quite a while I decided that I’ve had enough of this and that is pointless. This is nothing like skating in Bristol when they had the ice rink there. It was so bad the ice and so had such deep cuts that I reckon you could have run trains along the tracks that the skates had been digging out.
Well I took my skates off and took them to the management and asked what their refund for policy was. The guy asked me what the problem was I said that his ice was all chopped up and needy resurfacing and that his rentals needed sorting as they wouldn’t even sliced cheese. He said what did I expect as they are rentals and that there wasn’t an issue with the ice. I said so you don’t look after your equipment, clearly your not providing me with decent equipment to use on the rink why should I pay for that? He eventually gave in as i wasn’t backing down and I got my refund.

After skating and after Amanda had had enough we headed back to the apartment, on the way we stopped at a waffle van and Amanda had a waffle with Belgian chocolate and I have one with honey, they were very nice in the bitterly cold weather that we were having today, However I don’t believe it’s good when your honey freezes on your waffle.

After we had our bags we headed for New York library. On the way we stopped in Grand Central Station to try to do timelapse. We did this from the upper level where the Apple Store is I must’ve spent around 20 minutes setting up and firing off 99 shots before one of the Apple guys said that I wasn’t allowed to have my camera they’re not an Apple policy but one of Grand Central Station. I said okay not an issue as I had almost finished and only had three more shots to get. He wandered off and about three seconds later a guy in a jumper came over to me and said the Apple guy has already told you to take that down take it down now I said in two seconds I have my final shot to take what’s the issue. He said well that camera could be gun. It turned out that he was one of the Grand Central Station security officers not that you would realise it as all he had was a jumper with the logo on it.
Oh my god I’ve got a camera but apparently it could be a gun on a tripod seriously America how paranoid are you. But more importantly than that if it was well you gave me 20 minutes to set it up in broad daylight and watched me for 5 minutes? American Logic got to love it sometimes.

Anyway to the Public Library, why go there I hear you cry! Well its a bloody cold day as was only getting colder so I thought the best place to go would be the library, after all its what they do in, “Day After Tomorrow” where some of the film is set. Apart from that its an architecturally interesting building and has some very interesting art work inside. At this time they also have an exhibit on ‘Lunch Hour’ which explained how and what we do with our lunch hour, was interesting.

When we got out of here we headed for the Rockerfeller Centre. at the bottom of the main tower is none other that the Lego shop 🙂 this made me very happy and I have found a new love of Lego with the architecture series as they have building including the Sydeney Opera House and Rockerfeller Centre. The reason we went up the Rockerfeller tower was because we cheap skates and didn’t fancy the big cost to go up the Empire State building, especially after reading reviews of long queues being rushed through the top section. $25 and you can get to the top of the Rockerfeller centre 70 floors up and have a perfect view of the empire State building, oh also its open no glass in the way making photography much easier. The other advantages are its relaxed, not over crowded, no queue and no time limit at the top you free to go in to the warm and then back out again as much as you like, oh and encase you didn’t get from the FB check in there’s free WiFi at the top as well, Awesome! A Must Do In NYC! The lift awesome the best way to describe it is well watch the video below!

We got down from here around 9/9:30pm  and headed for home, we stopped of at the Apple store, cus its cool and more so because its warm.