Waiwera, View to a kill for/take loads of photos

Monday, of to Waiwera. So 2 bus journeys taking around 2hours for what would take 30mins in a car 🙂 sounds like home. they day involved relaxing and enjoying looking out at the view. Along with this I also enjoyed relaxing in the thermal pool outside where Lois lives, running at a temp around 45’C direct from underground. Enjoyed the lovely sunset and then called it a day.

Tuesday I took a spin in the van that we will be using to tour south island in 3 weeks time. It went well and now I can’t wait to be going to the south island. Another dip in the pool this evening and then dinner at the pub which was fish and chips and a couple of NZ beers. Sadly they were cold and fizzy but on the plus side were served in a handle 🙂 After dinner I took the camera for a walk on the beach as the tide was out but on the way back in, but got some shots.