Here we go

So here we go where at the jamboree, just been waiting forever in the line for checkin and they have wifi

If Carlsberg did … Oh they do

Carlsberg don’t do hangovers, because they do the water for the recovery from them. So up before 9 and on the road before 10.

Oh what a night!

So back at the centre meet 2 guys from South Africa had a good old chat with them before going on a drive to find where Avon lot might be only to find that they were just turning up as we got to there hotel. So we went of in search of a supermarket to

Ida, shows us around.

Ida shows us around

Day in the rain

So search for food at 1am which left very little option and so ended up with a burger king and drove back to the scout centre which was interesting! so got to sleep after figuring the wireless access. Up this morning around 9 of to town for breakfast, there are so many road works it’s

I’m a scout where am I !

So back on route and only about another 470 miles to go. Poor old Benk has such a hard life that he was soon asleep again. PJ was catching up on some well needed sleep as well in the back. We finally got in to Germany and kept on moving along at a steady pace

Keep on trucking

So late up and still feeling sleepy but even funnier was Benk asking were PJ was as he was not in his sleeping bag. Well about 10 mins later he rocked up and it turned out he had in a drunken state gone to the loo and got lost and had slept under a tent

Cycle afternoon and party

What an afternoon. Well after rocking up to the scout hut we decided to go to town to check it out which resulted in some beer sampling and this was followed by chips and ice cream. So after this we thought it best to go via the supermarket and get a crate of beer for

Oirschot Scouts now have WiFi !

So we have arrived in Oirschot, the weather on route was not the best but apart from that we have had a good journey. Currently the Scouts are here and have been on camp for the last week, “Boot-Camp” As you can see the kids love the Avonasaurus mascots see below

Belgium breakfast

Morning all we had a pleasant crossing and the Avon dinosaurs had fun. Well this as you can see is better than any services breakfast u could get in the UK Were currently just outside Antwerp in Belgium on route to Oirschot, Holland. Catch u all soon


Yay were at Dover

Sweden Go Go Go!

So were of leaving Bristol at 21:40. Now heading for Dover for 2am ferry. See you in Sweden

I put some new shoes on and everthings guna be alright

So today less than 48 hours before I leave I thought it best to stat sorting some things to take, for a while now one thing I have needed to get is a new pair of shoes for my scouting about so finally today I found a pair that fit. So time to walk them

The Three Amigos

So It all started like everyone else way back when IST select was opened on the website and that is where it quickly end or so it seemed. I didn’t get on the initial selection [guess they have heard about me as well] but oh well I thought never mind. So I was very