the big Apple.

Saturday, so we were up late. It was not a great nights sleep. We got up and started walking down Lexington Avenue towards Grand Central. Amanda was like an excitable child. She was very happy to be here in New York, I also am but I don’t think I’m quite as excited as she is!

New York, New York!

Friday involved a morning of skype and packing. We were picked up at about 10am and shuttled to the airport. Here we went through the usual security checks and all in all it didn’t take long, San Fran is an easy to get around airport. After clearing security we headed to a diner and got

Last day San Fran

Thursday, our last day in San Fran. We weren’t up that early but also didn’t waste the day. The main plan was to get back to the Golden Gate Bridge to walk over it. Amanda headed of to the post office to see if she could post the spray paint she had got the other

Why Why Wine, cus its sunny!

Wednesday, The day of the wine tour, today we were up early as today was wine tour day. This involved us being ready for 8:30 AM at the front of the hotel. We were ready and thankfully our bus was on time to collect us. We have picked up by our bus driver Doug who

Its all Shiney Golden.

Tuesday, after a late night on Skype we both woke up late today. We decided that for breakfast we would go to a place we had viewed last night that was not open called hot spud. This is where you can buy a jacket potato and gets almost any filling you like. This made Amanda

Doing Time on The Rock

Monday Today we were going to Alcatraz this we had booked well in advance. We were on the 10:00 boat to go out to Alcatraz and we had to get pier 33 for 9:45. Alcatraz is a very interesting place its 1.5 miles from San Francisco, Its nickname is the rock. Its original purpose was

Fast [Cable] Cars in a cool windy city

Saturday, our first day in San Francisco and we had a lazy lie in in the morning, this was because we had a late night. When we eventually were we headed to pier 39 on the way to pier 39 we discovered Ben & Jerry’s stall. I had a sweet cream and cookie ice cream

San Fran via LA

So we were up early 3:30 to be exact as we were of to the airport early as our flight went at 8:20 well it turned out that we didn’t need to be there quite that early as the pickup got us there early and we found the airport didn’t open till 5am, yep an

Hula the island, Pineapple, Pearls and Apple

Its a holiday nobody should be up at 6am but we were and on our way to Enterprise for 7am to pick up our rental. It was the first time both of us would be driving on the wrong side of the road in an auto. On arrival we had a choice of a VW

Diamond ice

Monday brought with it time to try the Denny’s all you can eat pancakes. So I got through 5 and Amanda 3. They were good pancakes and came with cream and syrup  After breakfast we got the free trolley [bus] to Hilo Hattie  a big tourist shop full of Hawaiian goods, we didn’t spend long here and

First few days were fishy

Saturday was our first real day here. We had a lie in as we were shattered from the previous days travels. When we were up we headed out for breakfast/lunch in the form of a subway. From here on to a couple of rental places to get prices for a car for a day. Then

Aloha! Hawaii

Well we left New Zealand on  last Friday at 15:30 and arrive in Hawaii at 08:35 on Friday yep we landed before we took off. We went back in time by 21hrs! 21hr time change because we crossed the date line. Well thankfully it didn’t mess us up to much, but because we had been

The Final Countdown!

So we were looking for a tyre place only to find out NZ needs 2 public holidays to recover from their hangovers after New Year. Well this put us up a creek without a new tyre so we pulled into a supermarket and I took the spare out and replace the front wheel. Thanks to Ford this

Sounds after New Year

So woke up today after little sleep dude to noisy drunks on the street and not feeling well, this was not a think head either, I had a very unhappy tum 🙁 Amanda’s tum was ok so must have been the dodgy NZ beer they do over here. So of to Mc D’s for breakfast

NYE NZ Style

So we were up late today, not really caring as we weren’t in a massive rush to get anywhere. we sorted stuff around the van, jumped online and were finally ready to leave around 12:00 when we started to chat to our neighbour and only moved on when someone came to occupy our place. We