#10 must visit places in the World

# Top of Rock, NYC The only place to get the best view of the Empire State building. At 70 floors up this unrestricted view out over the city is the best in the city. Along with the ability to stay up there as long as you like when not busy means you can have

Back to the UK – Kandersteg

Hey back on UK soil and yeh just like last time I hate coming home as you know its the end of another awesome adventure. Kandersteg is truly a beautiful place to visit. The week was intense and I loved every minute of it. Sunday involved a walk to the village and learning about the

Yodelay Hee Hoo, Kandersteg!

So where are you going this bank holiday weekend? Id love to say Frocester Beer festival but sadly I’m busy…. I’m of to Kandersteg 😀 I have heard so much about this place from so many people that I really can’t wait to find out what all the fuss is about. So I have a week

Hammock Review

It’s time I spoke about my lush hammock, I have been fortunate to spend a couple of nights out in it this summer and everytime I do I love it. So what’s so special about my hammock I hear you ask? Well that’s just it nothing really! Its a cheap end of the range hammock

Update: Run Nutt Boy Run

Ha! A massive thanks to PJ for the edit on the picture above. Hopefully Simon Pegg wont mind to much but what an awesome pic. Time to get Training!

Run Nutt Boy Run!

So many of you will know that I have been silly enough to finally go through with the idea of running a marathon. Well its been a while since I did anything silly, well apart from that one time… anyway! 6th October is the target date. Bournemouth brand new full 26 mile marathon is the

It’s a Bear Life

The latest book by the Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life, which I  have read! This is one that I will/am reading again. It’s great, so inspirational, full of short chapters each a chunk of reasoning. This book is not a get rich quick, not a 10 step guide to begin famous. What it

A Brave New World…

So not posted since travelling and a lot has changed since then. 1. No longer living at home, this has been a big experience and at times wandering what the hell am I doing, I’m finally settled and ready to get on with things. 2. No longer enjoying IT in the same manor that I

Last Few Days in NYC and on the 3.5 month trip

Saturday, started with headed down to Little Italy. Yes it had Italian restaurant’s and each one a guy outside trying to beckon us in, apart from that it really didn’t feel Italian at all. We did stop on the side street from Mulberry the main Italian street and had Pizza for lunch in a small

Cowboys and snowflakes

Friday, a trip on the subway to penn station where we walked 1 block over to get to B+H Photo. This we discovered is the biggest camera shop in NYC, it had almost every camera brand going and also loads of accessories. We only had around 1 hour to look around before they closed. It

Oh my god he’s got a…

… Camera. More on that further down. Thursday again a lazy morning but we both feeling tired. We did get around 11 and headed into Central Park to go iceskating. We paid $18 each which included skate hire. We got skates on and were right on the ice Amanda seem to be enjoying herself and

Suggested donation day

Wednesday, brought with it yet another lie in. We must be getting very tired and needing much more sleep or we’re getting used to this travelling life. When we were eventually up we headed on the Subway towards the Bronx. The Bronx has the Bronx zoo which is on Wednesdays pay what you wish i.e.

Going square with Lego and technology.

Tuesday morning at the apartment was really hot, it was at this point when i opened the window that didn’t have a padlocked shutter i found that this window like the other doesn’t lock properly! I had clocked a hardware store on the next block down so I went and got a big padlock and

The big Greenie…

Monday had arrived and with it a trip down to the Staten Island Ferry to go across to the island and back. The Statton Island ferry on its route goes past the statue of liberty, this is a free ferry as it’s a commuter ferry from Statton Island to the financial district and lower Manhattan.

Who you guna call?

Sunday, today again we weren’t up that early much earlier than the day before. This is primarily due to the fact that it gets very warm in our flat because the heating is on 24 seven and there is no way to control it. The only way to resolve this issue is to open the