Swinging our way to Camp Carry On.

We got up early and were on the road by 10am as I had found a Postshop open on Sunday in Nelson that we could sort our Road User Charge at by they closed at 15:30 and that was 180km away along some windy roads. We got back on to SH6 and headed up north.

Fowl Fox and funky penguin

It was to be another early morning up at 7am so we could be out by 8:30 having planned for lay in bed time which dident happen we were ready by 8am and heading for Fox Guides. When we turned up at 8:50 all kitted up ready to go dispite the rain we got told

Early bird means a sleepy one later.

The alarm went of at 5am, this is far to early for a holiday. We slowly wake up and get moving as were on a mission to get to Lake Matheson before the sun does. Sunrise was due at 5:59 and by 5:20 we were pulling out of the campsite. Not feeling awake but as

Taking the Kids to PuzzleWorld

So the night before we stayed down the road in a place called albert town. We stayed outside a pub as it was free overnight parking there. Today was the day I took the child [Amanda] to Puzzleworld. This is the place I had been told about in detail the previous day! We arrived after

I Wanaka see Mt. Cook

We were up at a reasonable time on boxing day and left site around 10.30am heading for Wanaka, around 200km drive. We decided on the way to tiki tour off up to Mt. Cook around an hours drive off route, but very much worth it. We stopped at many points on the route to take

Chillin out maxing, relaxing having a sunny Xmas day

So Xmas day 2012 was a hot one at Lake Tekapo hitting a lush 28’C. It involved me reading most of Amanda’s book she was giving in the afternoon, lots of beer, a dip in the bloody cold lake and lots of pictures, of and a skype to the familys and some present opening. Although

Happy Bee’s in Ashburton

Sunday 23rd brought with it getting up around 9am and got to have a nice shower which always is nice when camping. We played around online for a while, did a lot of chilling out and headed into Ashburton late afternoon to find some tinsel for the van. That evening involved a big family dinner

One step Beyond… Christchurch

We awoke late at the RSA club and took a wander to the shopping centre to get a decent coffee. Amanda sat online for a while and I wandered through the centre to see what shops were around, stopping of to have a play with the EOS M in a camera shop. After a late breakfast we headed

Christchurch, still in regeneration

So we left Kiakoura mid morning and headed for Christchurch. We stopped of around half way for a milkshake and stretch of the legs. On arriving at Christchurch and having got through all the outer suburbs to get to the city centre we parked up outside the botanic gardens and paid the $3.10 for 1hr, owch!

On to Kiakoura

So up early ish to leave Picton we filled the van with Water and headed on South towards Kiakoria where we hoped to stay for the night. We stopped of in Blenheim at the I-Site to look at some information on the local area. Wasn’t long and we were back on the road. The scenery here is

Welly, Wellington the special place.

Wednesday, up and into Welly were after some faff with car parks found one for $9[£4.50] for 12hrs more than we needed. We headed into the I-site to get a map. From here we went to the cable cars, this is a special place as my granddad has spoken much about them and I have

40 Knots and head down south.

So day 2 in Rotorua, today we headed into town and parked up nearer to the cop shop as this looked pretty safe with around 10 cop cars on the same area. We headed in and around town, going for a coffee at Aunty Annies café. We then did a little shopping looking for another

First few days of our adventure

So I collected Amanda from Auckland airport on Wednesday, she was a little late landing but it was all fine because it meant most of the rush hour traffic had gone. I was impressed with my navigation skill not requiring any Sat Nav to get to and from the Airport 🙂 It was awesome I

I’m on Top of the bottom of the World/NZ

Monday, after a good nights sleep even if it was freezing cold inside this morning [not sure why] I was up and out just after 9am. I had decided that even though it was a long old drive I was going to do it anyway and go all the way to the top of NZ,

90 Mile Beach Time Lapse

Time lapse taken on 9th December near to Ahipara, 90 Mile Beach New Zealand. End of video contains settings information.